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Volume Pills: What they Are and What They Do

How do Volume Pills work?

Volume Pills, on the other hand, are a semen-enhancing supplement that promises to increase your semen volume by up to 500%, your ejaculation volume and force, as well as the intensity of your orgasms, so you’ll experience much stronger, more potent orgasms.

How Do Pills for Volume Work?

The website claims that Volume Pills use a potent blend of natural ingredients to increase your testosterone levels. Now, this increase in testosterone leads to the results I just mentioned: semen production, ejaculation volume, and orgasmic power.

Are Volume Pills Effective?

I’ll admit that when I was investigating them, I had the same question, but the only way I could really find out was to buy a two-month supply and use them myself for 60 days, so I did.

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Process of placing an order, speed of delivery, and privacy

I went online to place the order, which is what I did. The ordering process was rather quick and safe, and I felt confident and at ease providing my information.

I selected the bundle, clicked the “Place Order” button, and immediately received a thank-you email for my purchase. There was an order number provided, and after receiving a DHL tracking code within 12 hours, I received a parcel from DHL in less than 2 days.

Since I don’t really want anyone to know what I’m buying, I was relieved that the package was well-wrapped, that it was in DHL packaging, and that there was no indication of Volume Pills on the outside or any indication in the writing on the label as to what I’d purchased. I was also pleased with the speed of delivery, so up until that point, everything was fine.

What Happens?

Although I believe there are some interesting extras and you can save money if you purchase a larger package, I simply wanted to test it for 60 days to see how it worked for me. Since I only ordered a two-month supply, all I received was a two-month supply.

Guidelines for Use

You must take two a day with water, as it states on the back, and I recall reading that. Additionally, it states that “additional tablets can be taken to achieve the desired effect, do not exceed six tablets in a 24 hour period.” I reasoned that I wouldn’t want to take six a day because they would run out very quickly, so I decided to just take two a day, standard dose, with water. I started out by taking two every morning, and things progressed from there.


After two weeks, I started to see results; as the second week was coming to a close, I saw my semen volume was increasing and my orgasms were becoming slightly stronger. Over the following six weeks, the results steadily got better. Given that it’s a herbal formula and results take time to manifest, I believe this was caused by the chemicals building up in my system. A herbal pill is a progressive procedure; you won’t pop one and see a 500% increase in volume, so I was pleased.

My semen volume had tripled by day 60, which made me really thrilled. I believe it takes them a little longer to reach that target because it hadn’t reached 500%, but I double the volume of my semen.

The orgasms were mind-blowing; very, really good, really powerful, and they lasted longer and were more intense thanks to the increased volume.

My girlfriend’s expression of delight when I ejaculated was priceless; it was evident that she enjoyed it and that it clearly turned her on, which is unquestionably a positive side effect.


I have to say that volume pills are my personal favorite semen volume enhancer and if you’re looking for the best way to increase your semen volume fast then look no further. I was very, very happy with the results I got from using Volume Pills; I tripled my semen volume in 60 days, and there’s no doubt when taking them for longer, you can increase it even more.

You also have nothing to lose thanks to the 60-day money-back guarantee. That concludes my thorough assessment of Volume Pills, which I will undoubtedly use once more in the future.